Leah Singh features a collection of handcrafted textiles that mix traditional Indian craft techniques with unexpected color combinations, and modern, geometric forms. Designer and founder Leah Singh works directly with artisans in villages across India using embroidery, weaving, and printing techniques that are native to the region. Her philosophy is to rejuvenate these age-old, traditional crafts by transforming them into modern objects.

Leah grew up in India surrounded by it's rich cultural heritage, and then moved to New York to study Industrial Design at the Parsons School of Design, where she was surrounded by the structured, minimal lines of Western architecture. Her eclectic upbringing is reflected in each piece she designs.

She now travels between her two homes in New York and Delhi, collecting inspiration for new collections.

We love craft, texture, and color, and are equally passionate about social and environmental responsibility.

Social/ 1. We work directly with artisan groups to ensure the artisans are receiving fair wages, and that they are working in a clean and safe environment. 2. Our hand woven pieces from Rajasthan are GoodWeave certified.

Environmental/ 1. We use only natural materials which are responsibly sourced and processed. 2. Our packaging is the bare minimum- no tissue, no hang tags, no frills. Our poly bags are made with rice and potato starch and are biodegradable.